Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Creative Windows


This book inspires the reader to develop their own creative process through a series of `Creative Windows'.

As a practicing artist and experienced teacher I wish to share a deeper understanding of the creative process and the reality of maintaining your creative flow in the reality of day to day life.

 Several simple exercises to open your creative practice are also included.

Monday, January 5, 2015

One Person Many Inner Voices

As both an artist and writer I have discovered over the journey of our life we can have many inner voices.

The painting above is from a period of my life when my voice felt very confined. I completed a series of interior paintings which became collectors' items. These works had their own beauty but for me reflected a time of darkness and confusion on so  many levels.

My first published novel although written during a different phase of my life also reflected a similar voice . Writing this novel was an act of survival for my inner voice at a time when my outer voice had no means of expression.

In a rapidly changing world finding our inner voice can be a struggle and many different voices can emerge as life throws different experiences our way. These voices may differ widely but their truth to our inner reaction to our life circumstances is no less true.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

The Seeds to Write Lie Deep Within Us All

The seeds to write lie deep within us all, awakened by need or by circumstance.

My novels have been written at different times in my life when the need was great.

Reading them and reworking them for publication has allowed memories to linger from these different periods of my life.

Seeing the vulnerability of my characters assisted me to have compassion for myself and the person I was in these years.

Searching my artworks I found the image above that had the same resonance as my Sydney writing. The excitement of the city night, the plentiful colorful lights and the hidden darkness.

I am pleased now I sat down and wrote during those times and that the echoes of those years now live for others to share.

Monday, September 29, 2014

The Healing Power of Writing

From the ongoing peace of a simple sustainable lifestyle it has been a powerful journey to revisit the novels I wrote in the eighties and nineties.

As the characters in each novel struggle with the confused values of their decades I understand now why I needed to pen their confusion and find resolution for my own inner peace.

From the renewed health and balance I now find in a simple sustainable lifestyle I look back from the distance of time with compassion and empathy for my confused and naughty characters.

These characters lives are so far removed from my own current aspirations yet in those decades their worlds were the places in which I was looking to find happiness and within a voice was really struggling.

I hope all who read these books will enjoy the their resolutions and find the same compassion in their hearts for those confused decades that I have now found.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Writing A Tumultuous Love Affair

Writing can sometimes feel like a tumultuous love affair.

It brings all parts of you to life yet sometimes it is difficult to enter the unknown doors that it opens.

There are days you finish your writing and feel really alive and others when you feel confused by the messy and dark passages that have emerged.

I wrote my first novel during what I now see as a very dark time in my life and look back with compassion on the person I was who needed to write out about the world I saw around me.

I found the editing a cathartic process on so many levels. This was a complex time in my life and now revisiting from the luxury of time I can understand why I wrote as I wrote and how it helped me heal on so many levels.

If you are a writer you will know the deep inner need that arises  and compels you forward with your works.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Writing and Art the Images Overlap

Writing and art have been two of my saving graces.

Most of my known artwork has images impacted by the many levels of life on Australia's Gold Coast.

I have just been looking through my photos to see if I did paint any works that depict my experience of Sydney and I found this one.

A twinkling mysterious city of the night, dark but not gloomy with the promise of hope depicted in the brightly colored window flowers.

A friend has just called in to say how much she could relate to the characters in my Sydney writing.

Sydney is a seductive, entrancing city with so many stories to share.

Why I Write

All my life I have written.

It has been a healing thing and even as a child I would retire to my room, write a poem and come out feeling renewed as if I had walked on a beautiful beach.

Novels of course take much longer and yet they were for me the same process.

My first published novel was written in Sydney in the eighties, a time I personally found difficult because of the conflicting values I saw around me.

Developing my characters in this book empowered me to be strong and cope with this world.

I later wrote on Australia's Gold Coast in the nineties as I recovered from breast cancer treatment and waited to see if my employer would give me back my teaching position.

The characters are very different from the Sydney characters of ten years before but in spite of their naughtiness I did come to love them and writing my several pages each day again empowered me at a particularly vulnerable period of my life.