Saturday, August 23, 2014

To Buy Your Paperback from Amazon or Createspace ???

My first novel Contrite Hearts is available as a paperback on both Amazon and Createspace.

It is actually exactly the same quality paperback at both sites so when I decided to buy some copies of this book I needed to find out which for me was the best option.

I do buy items on Amazon but at this time there were no other items I was purchasing and I did not have any Amazon coupons to ease the costs.

At Amazon there is ten percent discount on my novel which is not given at Createspace.

But Createspace I found offered a less expensive postage deal to Australia where I live.

As I was buying several copies postage was a larger consideration than if I had been making an individual purchase so I finally decided to purchase from Createspace which did give the better deal when postage to Australia was factored in.

The books were delivered quickly and in excellent condition so I was very pleased with my purchase.

Createspace is an on-demand publishing platform acquired by Amazon six years ago and I cannot recommend it more highly for purchasing or publishing paperbacks.

I was very excited to see the quality of their printing which is equal to any l have seen in a bookstore.

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