Monday, September 15, 2014

On Publishing Your Book

That moment when your book goes out there is always one of emotion.

For so many months, years the story or events you have be driven to write have been your private domain. Now that domain is out there for the world to judge

Whether you have a real story to share or have created characters from your own imagination it is still a part of you about to go on display and I doubt there could be an author alive who does not have a flurry of emotions at the moment of publication.

My second novel Redemption Towers is currently in the publishing process and is already available through some outlets.

This book was originally written in the early nineties when I was a young school teacher recovering from breast cancer treatment and wondering if I would be given back my teaching position.

I have spent this year reconnecting with the manuscript to prepare it in a current publishing format. Again I found my characters lust for life, naughtiness and ability to adjust to all the knocks life dealt them rejuvenating.

 It took me back to a time when uncertain of my health and with the economic future I had worked hard to create now uncertain I had sat down and created strong, resilient characters whose own redemption soon became my own.

 Yes I was tossed out of the teaching profession because of breast cancer but I was able to bounce back in new directions with a resilience equal to that of the tough characters I created.

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