Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Writing and Sharing Stories

Writing is about listening to the voices within but how we share these stories is rapidly changing.

I download my word documents through Draft2digital which I love for the ease of its software, and their generous and reliable service.

Through their software I can create both eBooks and Paperbacks.

Their eBook publishers include Kobo where you can download a free App which will sync your download to all digital devices and ITunes.

My book is also sent via Draft2Digital to Nook Books

Barnes and Noble  who have Nook books also market the Paperback.

Paperbacks are all downloaded via Createspace at Draft2digital which also enables the paperback to be available at Amazon

A lot of different publishing options. But today that is how we share our stories.

These new and exciting options are are enabling so many diverse and varied voices to add to the richness of our experience.

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